0443C Ingenuity Precision Cutter


  • $30.00

榮獲德國 iF Design Award、日本Good Design Award 及台灣金點設計獎的職人用工藝刀。


30度細切割刀片更採用日本特殊鋼 [SK2碳素工具鋼+鉻(Cr)],具高強度、耐磨性、足夠的韌性及耐用性。


iF Design Award, Good Design Award and Golden Dots Design Award winner. Triangle profile body for both right / left handed and firm grip; transparent clamp stabilizes blade during cutting. Its 30 degree blade with made of extra durable steel (SK2+Cr) is best for precision work. Safety auto-lock device withstands up to 5kgs of pressure. Optimum grip with smooth sliding, easy and safe to use in engraving, cutting or sawing. Special hollow area for fast thread cutting.