ALIO Premium Business Folder 高級商務隨身筆記簿套裝


  • $219.00

ALIO Premium Business Folder is a winning product of Good Design Award 2016, awarded by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

The ALIO Premium Business Folder is a stylish functional notebook that is ideal for corporate to meet the needs on different occasions, whether on traveling, business meeting or daily work. This product comes with an A5 size notebook. The notebook is protected by two sheets of black PVC cover (front and back) with wire binding. A high quality TUBE Gel Pen with 0.5mm black ink and a white plastic card holder with clip also included in this product.

The business folder is made of high quality waterproof and anti-stain fabric, which has triple folding fixed with elastic band and buckle.

The inner left side has 3 layered pockets with 6 separate different storage space which can be incorporated with business cards, credit cards, cheques, notes, etc.

The inner right side is transparent zippered pocket designed for storing a smartphone and the touch operation still can be carried out directly across the transparent pocket. The transparent compartment is ideal to keep your important documents safe too.

The internal pocket is tailored made to be able to fit iPad mini or other mini tablets with the similar size.


Product Features

  • Winner of Good Design Award 2016, Japan.
  • Waterproof and anti-stain cover.
  • Elastic fixing structure with expanded space for daily items.
  • The inner right transparent zippered pocket specifically for storage of smartphone. You can operate the phone through the transparent cover.
  • Another middle of the pocket is applicable to iPad mini.
  • Incl. Notebook.
  • Incl. TUBE Gel Pen.
  • Incl. Card holder with clip and transparent PVC on front side.


ALIO 商務隨身筆記簿套裝榮獲2016年日本Good Design Award (グッドデザイン賞),是一本具防污防水功能的三疊式筆記簿套裝,以橡膠繩繞綑鈕扣固定。多色選擇的封套配備一本A5筆記簿,一個卡套及一支榮獲2014年台灣金點設計獎的TUBE 0.5mm黑色墨水中性啫喱筆。它能滿足您不同場合的需求,無論是旅行,商務會議還是工作一樣OK!

它左邊有三個大小不同而且獨立的插卡位,而右側有一個透明拉鍊袋,專為擺放智能手機而設計,能夠隔著透明封套直接觸摸操作,非常切合現代Mobile Office的需要。


  • 2016年日本Good Design Award
  • 防水防污功能封套
  • 彈性設計加上延展性空間適合日常項目
  • 特設右側透明拉鍊袋擺放智能手機。您可隔著透明封套直接觸摸操作手機。
  • 另有中間位置袋適合放置 iPad mini.
  • 套裝包括筆記本
  • 套裝包括中性啫喱筆
  • 套裝包括扣件及透明PVC卡片夾在封面

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