Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener w/Leather Case


  • $198.00

A solid and tactile brass pencil sharpener with built-in point-adjustment function.

A classic item, the DUX adjustable sharpener has been around since the early 1950's. The impetus for an adjustable sharpener arose from the requirement of users in different disciplines who each needed a different point on their pencils. Rather than creating several different sharpeners, DUX came up with the ingenious idea of a single, adjustable sharpener.

Precision-made from solid brass with a raw finish, this sharpener is designed to last and will develop a different aesthetic as it ages. Recessed grip section along both edges.

Suitable for round, hexagonal and triangular standard-width pencils.

The point-adjustment function is actuated by rotating the knurled dial at the end of the sharpener. There are three point settings:

  1. Short blunter point suitable for coloured pencils and leads.
  2. 'Normal' point suitable for graphite writing pencils
  3. Fine point for high-quality drawing pencils

The difference between each point is subtle, but enough to notice when writing with a pencil that has been sharpened to each setting.

Supplied in a neat leather pouch for storage. 

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