Glass Inkwell Pencil Sharpener


  • $68.00

German brand DUX was founded in 1908, and focused mostly in the design and manufacturing of exquisite pencil sharpenes. DUX is a family-run company that produces daily use pencils for technical students.

This inkwell sharpener is an all-purpose hand-held pencil sharpener with a glass shavings receptacle that has the look of years past. Comes in five translucent colors, screw open the lid part to reveal the pencil sharpener, pencil shavings will remain in the bottle until it is ready to dispose. Gives the desk a nostalgic atmosphere, yet a delightfully cute and incredibly functional little sharpener. This pencil sharpener is still used by the Germany post office now.
Suitable for round, hexagonal and triangular standard-width pencils.
Size: W57 × H53 × D35mm


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