Mellow Art Watercolour Sketching Journal - Black 口袋旅行水彩素描畫本-黑色


  • $144.00

Drawing whenever, wherever is easy with this pocket travel sketch pad, named Mellow Art. Let's mellow out and be creative. With the expandable paper pocket, you can put your notes and cards into it. The premium paper is thick enough to paint with watercolor or other media. Paper can keep the vibrancy of watercolors.

We also infuse a quote by Thomas Merton into a tree ring design on the front and back pages.

  • Size: 13cm x 21cm
  • Paper: 300gsm, hot-pressed, acid-free watercolor paper. 24 sheets (48 pages)
  • Paper color: Ivory white
  • Cover: Hardcover with a black PU leather and debossed logo on the front cover
  • Multi-Media: graphite, colored pencils, watercolor, gouache, markers, etc
  • Perfect for traveling and exploration

Other features: 

  • With an expandable inner pocket at the back
  • With an elastic band closing and a bookmark
  • Every first page is printed with a quote


Thomas Merton 的名言也印在以年輪設計的首頁及背頁上。

  • 尺寸:13cm x 21cm
  • 紙:300gsm,熱壓,無酸水彩紙。 24張(48頁)
  • 紙張顏色:象牙白
  • 封面:黑色PU皮革
  • 適合水彩、石墨和混合介質
  • 背頁有可擴展的內部口袋
  • 帶有鬆緊帶收口和書籤

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