Hanji Notebook: Moonlight


  • $198.00

「 韓紙筆記簿:月光 」的主題採納了韓國傳統門框設計。這款設計表達了金色和銀色月光由紙門滲透入屋時的影象。厚厚的韓紙跟隨木門框的圖案進行切割,然後在下方襯上金色或銀色的紙張,以強調韓國傳統房間由木材和韓紙造的門框。


  • 特殊的無酸「 O紙 」提高紙張耐力
  • 由經驗豐富和技術精湛的工匠製成的線裝筆記本

  • 180度可展平頁面,不需壓迫,令書寫更容易

  • 布製的頁面標記方便您記錄位置


The 'Hanji Notebook: Moonlight' has been designed with a motif of a Korean traditional door frame.  The design expresses an image of gold and silver moonlight as it comes through a paper door.  The thick Hanji has been cut in the pattern of a wooden door frame, then gold and silver coloured paper were placed underneath to emphasise the image of a Korean traditional room door made of with a wooden frame and hanji paper.

This production technique results in the three dimensional effect of the flat notebook cover.  Just as if the room inside the door is someone's private space, opening your notebook will open up your very own private space.

  • Special acid-free 'O paper' heightens endurance
  • Thread-bound notebook made by experienced and skilful craftsmen
  • 180 degrees flattenable without flattening makes easy writing
  • Fabric page-marker keeps you in place

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