0174P 2Way XChanger Electric Pencil Sharpener


  • $100.00

一款可以更換刨刀的電動削鉛筆機,使用4粒(AA)電池做為電力,不用插電,隨機附送替換筆刨刀,可削標準鉛筆(8mm) 跟學齡鉛筆(11mm) 兩種。其棘輪式機械結構設計,削筆速度比傳統鉛筆刨快兩倍,由外出工作到戶外寫生都很方便。沒電或不想用電動時,可更換成手動模式,拆出細小的筆刨部分隨身攜帶。

SDI Xchanger 有紅、藍、綠三色任選,另有售獨立替換刨刀頭。

  • 全球第一台可替換滾刀的電動削鉛筆機,棘輪式機構設計,削筆速度2倍快
  • 使用4粒2A電芯,不用插電,戶外寫生、外出都方便,沒電或不想用電動時,可更換成手動模式
  • 可換大小筆刨刀,11、8 mm,學齡前鉛筆也可以用

Battery operated or manually operated is a unique feature of SDI 2way XChanger Electric Pencil Sharpener. The sharpener can still be used manually when the battery is out. 

Powerful, quiet and with a unique lead saver feature to prevent oversharpening.  Comes with replacement cutter interchangeable for standard 8mm and jumbo 11mm pencils. 

  • Battery power (AA x 4) or manual operated
  • Interchangeable for both standard(Φ8mm) and jumbo(Φ11mm) pencils

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