S-200 Easy To Use DIY Printing Kit


  • $98.00

創立於 1957年的 Shiny,以製造專業的橡皮印章而聞名國際,而這款 Shiny S-200 可說是一組相當完整及多變的迷你活字印章套裝。

全套包含了七種大小、形狀的字盤,405 粒 4mm字粒以及196粒 5mm字粒,讓您隨時隨地按不同節日、內容及格式製作個人化的橡膠圖章。非常適合用作編寫包裹和信封上的回郵地址,是你的文具小幫手。

Make your own instant Rubber Stamp whenever you need it. 
With the help of this kit, you can make a rubber stamp in just 2 minutes.  You can assemble and disassemble as many rubber stamps as you wish. Up to seven plates are provided of different shapes and sizes.  Excellent for personalised stationery, return address on parcels and envelopes, and much more.


Stamp Pad : 1
Stamp Handle: 1
7 Stamp Holders (Assorted Shapes & Sizes up to 5 Lines)
Tweezers: 1
Rubber Types (4mm - 405 Characters, 5mm - 196 Characters)

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