3M Waterproof Luggage Sticker / Fragile, Handle Love Delivery with Care 3M防水行李貼紙 / 小心輕放 Love Delivery

Haru and Furi

  • $75.00

Please take care of your fragile heart~
The "Fragile" Love Delivery series of luggage stickers created with the hare Haru and the fox Furi as the protagonists. It can be used not only on suitcases, but also on laptops, ipads, toolboxes, etc., Practical yet with a sense of humor!

The sticker is made of 3M gray-bottom sticker, which is waterproof and durable. It can be attached to smooth surfaces such as suitcases and laptops, and can be torn off without leaving any traces.

There are 4 different patterns in a pack, and there are two styles in red, white and black and yellow.


以野兔Haru及狐狸Furi為主角創作的“Fragile” Love Delivery 系列行李貼紙,

一包有4張不同圖案,共有紅白 / 黑黃兩個款式。

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