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"Abstract Painting" Leather Clutch


  • $385.00


來自本地創作單位 eeedot 結合「抽象藝術」(Abstract Painting)的手繪工藝,全人手用心製作,隨意將塑膠彩倒在模上,毋須刻意繪製,讓它隨性地自然流動,變成一幅幅藝術品。Designer 更悉心採用了雙重水晶保護層,讓產品耐用度更高。

Stay weird, stay different,這是 eeedot 對藝術的堅持。


Art is never out of reach, art is everywhere in our lives.

eeedot 2-way Arcylic Clutch is locally designed and handmade with free flowing acrylic paint. Each Clutch is unique with double layer covering for color protection and for longer duration.


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