AirPress Ballpoint Pen AirPress 氣壓原子筆


  • $78.00

Winner of The Good Design Award 2008 and Reddot Design Award 2010, the AirPress is the ideal writing instrument for active people. Patented pressurized technology allows each push of the cap to inject air pressure into the ink cartridge, which allows the pen to write in unusual situations such as writing overhead, in dusty locations, on wet paper and in cold weather.

  • Allows writing on different types of paper, rough surface or even on wet paper e.g. when on hiking, outward bound, or have to write quickly 
  • Its compact size slips easily into a pocket
  • The sturdy wire clip opens wide, allowing the pen to securely attach to both thin pockets and thick sheets of paper.
  • Its elastomer body is easy to grip even with wet hands or while wearing gloves, making this pen ready to use wherever you might be. *Acrylic resin coating is used for the transparent barrel.
  • A keyhole for you to hang the pen on your neck 
  • Made in Japan
榮獲The Good Design Award 2008 及 Reddot Design Award 2010,AirPress 氣壓原子筆採用獨有氣壓技術,按下按鍵時,活塞會往加壓室推進,將空氣加壓並把墨水推向筆尖,使墨水流動更順暢。即使倒轉書寫墨水亦不倒流,不斷墨。
  • 適合在不同紙質的紙張、粗糙的表面或濕紙上書寫,如登山、野外定向、運動記錄、速記等
  • 短小筆身,方便攜帶,適合在狹窄或擁擠的地方書寫或速記
  • 強力筆夾,不論厚厚的筆記本或一張紙亦能穩回夾著
  • 橡膠防滑筆杆,書寫舒適,即使手濕或戴著手套亦能穩定地書寫
  • 附有穿繩孔,方便把筆掛在胸前使用
  • 日本製造

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