Animal Series (without diorama) 動物系列 (不備場景)


  • $109.00

HALFTOYS® Half Animal series (without dioramae) combines multiple play styles into one package. The toy has interactive magnets to satisfy snapping needs and a skeleton puzzle for endless tinkering. Collect and connect them all to create your own Jungle.

HALFTOYS® Half Animal Series include:

- Wolf
- Sheep
- Sloth
- Reindeer
- Beaver
- Platypus


What's Inside:
- 1 x Magnetic skin
- 1 x skeleton puzzle (3 pcs.)


HALFTOYS®動物系列 (不備場景) 希望透過創新及簡易的組裝玩法, 加上現代化的造型及繽紛色彩, 供小孩於遊戲同時, 可以學習基本骨骼結構及解剖學知識。

-產品分為內外結構, 外殼附有磁石, 使組裝不易脫落。
-產品表面以磨砂消光處理, 不易於在表面留下指紋, 保持整潔。

動物系列(不備場景) 包括:
- 狼
- 羊
- 樹懶
- 鹿
- 河狸
- 鴨嘴獸

- 1 x 磁石外殼
- 1 x 骨骼組裝 (3 件)


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