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Magic Mailbox Story Card 神奇郵箱想念你故事卡

All Things Bright and Beautiful

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Size :14.5 cm X 14.5 cm

Paper : Modigliani, a heavy weight (260gsm) cream white, textured paper made in Italy

Envelope: Cream white (120 gsm)

Text: Magic mailbox

Bobby was sad because Lucy, his best friend from first grade had moved away without leaving an address. One day, he climbed to the top of a tree where they had always played together. He suddenly had an idea to build a magic mailbox that would be able to deliver cards and parcels to long lost friends. 

When Bobby grew up, he was finally able to build this magic mailbox. There were three departments in the magic mailbox. Bird Mail delivered letters overnight. Train Mail delivered oversize packages. And Snail Mail postmen, although not the fastest, delivered fragile parcels with the utmost care and attention. 

One day, Bobby found a postcard in his mailbox. “Hi Bobby, I missed you too. Love, Lucy” it said. Bobby smiled as he made plans to travel to Lucy’s home. And there they lived happily ever after.

借書的精靈 故事卡 

尺寸:14.5 cm X 14.5 cm

紙: 260 gsm, Modigliani, 意大利出品



小學一年級的時候, 波比最好的朋友露西,沒有留下一個地址就跟隨家人搬走了。傷心的波比爬上一棵他們從前經常一起玩的樹,看著藍天,突然有一個想法,他要建造一個神奇的郵筒,能夠將卡和包裹送到失去聯繫的朋友手裡。

波比長大後,用心硏究, 終於成功硏製出一個神奇郵筒,沒有寫下地址的郵件也能透過郵筒寄出。郵筒裡有三個部門和主管,鳥先生負責輕型信件, 能於一天之內送到。獅子先生負責大大小小的郵件和特大郵包。蝸牛先生,雖然不是最快的,卻是最好的郵差, 他會無微不至的關懷郵件,最脆弱易碎的郵包也不會有絲毫損毀。


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