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Mushroom Elves Story Card 借書的精靈故事卡

All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • $32.00

Size :14.5 cm X 14.5 cm

Paper : Modigliani, a heavy weight (260gsm) cream white, textured paper made in Italy

Envelope: Cream white (120 gsm)

Text: May all your dreams come true !

Text behind: The Mushroom Elves love two things: stars and stories. The elves sleep during the day, but when night falls and the first star appears in the sky, they wake up and read by starlight, on top of their mushroom house. Their mushroom house is full of the world’s most amazing storybooks.

But where do they get all these storybooks? This is where the fun begins. When the young elves are old enough, Papa Elf takes them into the city to steal stories. After the human grown-ups have finished reading bedtime stories to their children, the elves climb in through the window to check whether the human children are having good dreams or nightmares. If they are having good dreams, the elves will “borrow” the storybook by their bedside. To thank the humans, they always leave a jar of starlight under their pillow with a note saying: sweet dreams!

尺寸:14.5 cm X 14.5 cm

紙: 260 gsm, Modigliani, 意大利出品


背面文字翻譯:蘑菇精靈只愛兩件事:看星星和讀故事。精靈們白天睡覺,但當夜幕低垂,當第一顆星星出現在天空裡,他們就會醒來,在蘑菇屋頂上, 靠星星的光來看故事書或聽其他精靈讀故事。他們的蘑菇屋收藏了很多很多世界上最精彩、最奇幻的故事書。


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