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Bio-Pot Compostable Drinking Straws


  • $55.00

Bio-Pot straws are a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional plastic straws. They are made to the highest quality from natural fibre derived from potato starch and thus, unlike corn starch, not made from genetically modified plants.  It is quickly compostable in optimal conditions and then breaks down into its natural components after a maximum of 21 months without any residue and impact to the environment.
Basic Properties
  • Dimensions: 7 x 210 mm
  • Style: Straight straw
  • Color: Black & white random mix
  • Packing: 105 units in 1 box
Product Features
  • 100% sustainable and biodegradable
  • Biodegradable according to European Standard EN 13432.
  • Food safe and silicone free.
  • For cold drinks up to 45°C / 113°F.
  • Shelf life of 18-21 months in dry environments.
  • Made in Germany

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