Buoy Tea Infuser


  • $84.00

Buoy is a tea infuser designed with the unique feature of a combined ‘handle and hook’ which conveniently grabs the rim of a cup or small teapot. Simply slide the lid up, scoop the loose tea leaves and brew. It also comes with a silicone stand to hold the tea infuser when it is not in use.

Dimension: 117 x 45 mm
Materials: 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone

Buoy 泡茶器的設計概念沿於浮標。獨特的掛鈎式手柄,輕鬆地鈎在杯邊或小茶壺上。只需簡單地把茶格蓋拉上,放入茶葉,即可泡茶。還附有矽膠底座,可銜接茶漬,桌面也不會沾濕,亦方便收納擺設。

尺寸: 117 × 45 mm
物料: 304 不鏽鋼、食品級安全矽膠

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