Chinese New Year Banner 揮春

All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • $58.00


Each set comes with 8 double sided banners (1 of each design)
Printed on 157g glossy paper
Package size: 29.7x29.7cm

1. 一無掛慮 No worries (Yut Mo Gwa Lui) 29.7x29.7cm

2. 福杯滿溢 May your cup overflow with blessings (Fook Bui Moon Yut)  29.7x29.7cm

3. 出入平安 Be safe wherever you go (Chut Yup Ping On) 21x21cm

4. 喜氣洋洋 May your happiness be as wide as the ocean (Hay Hay Yeung Yeung) 21x21cm

5. 身壯力健 Strong and Healthy (Sun Jong Lik Geen)  29.7x13.5cm

6. 快高長大 Grow tall & strong (Fai Go Jeung Dai)  29.7x13.5cm

7. 花開富貴 Blooming flowers bring fortune (Fah Hoy Foo Gwai)  29.7x13.5cm

8. 知足常樂  Content and always happy (Ji Jook Seung Lok)  29.7x13.5cm

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