Compact Metal Mechanical Pencil (0.5mm)


  • $248.00

Worther Compact Metal mechanical pencil in solid, naturally-finished anodised aluminium. Click-advance design with sprung pocket clip. Hexagonal barrel - 132mm long, 12mm across the flats, weight 28g. Nice, durable design. 
Unscrew at the barrel join to refill leads.

0.5mm mechanism. Uses standard 0.5mm leads.

Worther was founded in 1985 by Gerhard Wörther. It offers exceptional mechanical pencils, writing instruments and accessories that stand out from the crowd. Great importance is attached to the design and quality of their products. Every writing instrument is manufactured in-house, some parts are still hand made. 

Wörther was one of the first suppliers of writing instruments made from aluminium. The advantages are obvious; the material is not too heavy, and no too light; it is easy to look after and immediately takes up the temperature of the hand. Other producers soon followed their lead.

The founder, being a qualified engineer and a specialist in mechanical engineering, developed and built some of the machines used to produce the pencils himself, and this allows the family-run business to continue to produce unique products. Amidst large international concerns, Wörther has found a special role as a truly German brand.

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