Mark Twain Crescent Filler Fountain Pen (Black Chase with Rose Gold Trim)


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「我寧可不要其他十支筆,也要有一支Conklin Pens 新月上墨 Crescent Filler 鋼筆,不僅上墨方便、書寫流𣈱。同時,其月牙型扣鎖的設計,不會輕易從桌面或任何平面掉落,讓我十分安心。」
-- 美國大文豪 馬克吐溫(Mark Twain)

成立於1898年的美國Conklin公司,設計筆身自行上墨的「月牙上墨」(Crescent Filler™),深受歡迎。鋼筆的特色在其月牙上墨功能,只需按壓「月牙造型」的金屬扭,就能吸墨。半月型的金屬,裝置在筆桿上,連結內部墨囊的壓桿,原理跟壓囊上墨相同,無須旋開筆身,只需要稍微旋轉扣鎖,按壓月牙紐,即可輕鬆上墨。

Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler Fountain Pen 配上玫瑰金筆尖,鋼筆筆身特別壓上 Chaise 車馬紋,淺淺的紋路,保有低調奢華感,卻又不過於華麗。

The pen that started Conklin. The Conklin Crescent Series was renamed to salute the renowned author, Mark Twain, whom said “I prefer it to ten other fountain pens…”.

Featuring the innovative and unique Crescent filling system, this pen was a world first and the modern version is just as amazing today. The Crescent filler can be locked and unlocked to avoid accidental leakage, and the crescent doubles as a block to stop your pen rolling off the table.
Using traditional designs and modern techniques, the Conklin Mark Twain Crescent has been constructed from black resin etched with a distinctive chase pattern. Accented with rose gold trim, not only is the pen practical, but also beautiful.


Nib: Fine 

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