Cork Long Wallet 軟木長錢包


  • $499.00

Size when closed: 19cm x 10cm

6 card slots, each one will hold 2-3 cards
2 pockets for you to hold notes and checks without folding

Made by natural cork wood. Cork wood come from bark of cork oaks.
When a cork oak reaches 25 years old, a 1 inch-thick layer of cork bark is harvested without damage to the tree. The bark of mature cork oak can be harvested every nine years. After sterilization, cork bark is pressed flat into a thin cloth.

Cork wood cloth is fixed on another linen fabric. Firm not easily fall off, lining is cotton layer in-between as an extra protection. 

Fine grain, soft touch, water resistant, durable. 


採用天然水松木製成。水松木(又稱軟木)是檞樹(橡樹一類)的樹皮,樹齡約十多歲便會長出一吋左右的樹皮,採摘後經消毒,把水松木壓成一片薄薄的布料。一棵木松木可經多次採摘,八年後又長出層層的樹皮; 水松木紋理細,質感柔軟,不易變形,耐水濕。

尺寸: 19 x 10cm

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