Double Layer Coaster (Pill)


  • $180.00

Mixing and matching Concrete and Resin created a unique double layers of coaster. It has different feels and patterns on both sides. Add this stylish handcraft product to decorate your home.

  • Size: 180 x 95 x 12mm
  • Color Option:  Green or Purple
  • Material: Concrete, Resin Fluid art
  • Made in Hong Kong

Each product is hand-made and unique with different texture and color.  There will be bubbles in the production process, and irregular small holes on the surface. Perfectionists, please consider.

混凝土和樹脂的混合和匹配創造了獨特的雙層杯墊。每一隻杯墊都是獨一無二。 兩面都有不同的感覺和圖樣。 添置此時尚的手工產品來美化您的家。

尺寸:180 x 95 x 12mm
顏色:綠色 或 紫色


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