Double-sided Undated Schedule Book w/ Sticker - Bakery Cafe 雙封面無時效行事曆連貼紙 - 烘焙咖啡室

Haru and Furi

  • $68.00

January 1 is a new beginning; however, as long as you are determined, every day can be a new beginning!

Haru and Furi Double-sided Undated Schedule Book allows you to plan your daily work without being limited by the year and month!

  • Double-sided design, just reverse one cover to another for a change
  • 2 sets of inside page design, 32pp, good for 15 months' usage.
  • Blank months and dates for you to fill in your preference
  • A note column for you to mark down key events of the month
  • Transparent plastic cover with a pen holder to protect the notebook
  • Comes with a washi sticker for you to decorate the schedule book

Product Information:
Size with plastic cover: 11cm x 15.5cm (approximately A6)
Inside page: 100g book paper, color printing
Cover: double cover, 250g book card, color printing
Stickers:  Washi stickers


Haru and Furi 雙封面無時效行事曆連貼紙 - 烘焙咖啡室,無需受限於任何年和月,讓你隨時把每天好好計畫!

  • 雙封面設計,把封面從透明書套中拿出來,反轉就可以轉換封面,新鮮感up!
  • 內頁有兩組款式相間,32pp,足夠紀錄15個月。
  • 空格形式,月份和日子,自己填就可以了。
  • 旁邊有記事欄位,方便寫上每月的重點。
  • 透明膠套能好好保護本子,還附有可以套筆的膠圈。
  • 附送同款貼紙,和紙材質,最適合裝飾手帳!

連膠套尺寸:11cm x 15.5cm (大約A6)

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