CONKLIN Duragraph Duraflex fountain pen (limited edition)


  • $950.00

Crafted from handmade black resin and perfectly complimented with rose gold trims. As considerable in size as it is in elegance the new Duraflex features the 1898 logo on the flat top cap and the band is engraved with the Conklin trademark text and triple crescent shapes either side. The barrel is tastefully engraved with the word Duraflex and the limited edition number of the pen.

The pen itself however is not the most attractive feature of this exclusive writing tool. Individually hand fitted to each Duraflex is Conklin's brand new revolutionary Omniflex Nib. The nib has a sophisticated design which gives maximum performance and the ability to add sweeping stokes and tapers to your writing.

The Omniflex, as the name suggests, offers more flex than a normal nib resulting in fluid stokes reminiscent of traditional brush calligraphy. By applying a gentle pressure on the downward strokes, spreading the tines for the ideal line size or flipping the nib over to write with the topside for an extra fine line you will be able to create beautiful sweeping stokes.

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