Eco-Water 「環保鹼潔水」


  • $30.00

HEKLEEN Eco-Clean Water is essentially alkaline water with high PH value.  Made from pure water by undergoing an electrolysis process, HEKLEEN Eco-Clean Water is colorless, odorless and contains no harmful chemicals.

The high alkaline value enriched with negative OH ions and micro-cluster properties simply make HEKLEEN Eco-Clean Water a powerful solution for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing.

  • Effective disinfectant:  Independent Testing Agency in Australia has certified that HEKLEEN Super Alkaline Water can kill 99.9% of E. coil and Salmonella in 30 sec.  
  • Superb power to clean: Spraying HEKLEEN onto oily dirt and stains converts oil into a soup and rendered water-soluble.  The dirt can be wiped off easily by cloth without the need for 2nd rinsing by water.

「環保鹼潔水」是蘊含大量負離子的超能鹼性電解水 (Super Alkaline Water), 無色無味無泡沬,不含化學毒素,包括表面活性劑、氯、酒精等。它不損皮膚,可取代一般家居清潔液,避免長期接觸有害化學物質,保障家人健康。

  • 強力殺菌僻味:  獲澳洲獨立機構確認30秒內殺滅99.9%的大腸桿菌和沙門氏菌。
  • 高效去油污漬: 噴灑在油污上, 可將油性污垢轉換成一種肥皀和呈現水溶性, 便可用抹布輕易將物體表面的油污抹掉,毋需清水作2次沖洗。

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