Food Guard Lid (Pack of 5) 萬用食物保鮮膜 (5片裝)

The Food Guard

  • $170.00

The Food Guard is a super lid that adapts to ANY container in all shapes and sizes, big and small! A one size filts all and multi purpose food storage solution for your kitchen storage and cooking problems. 

The Food Guard is made of a unique material similar to what silicon cupcake trays are made from, but a little more 'sticky' so that it can grip and create airtight seals around containers, making sure the food stays fresh and flavoursome.

The Food Guard Lid is a heatproof (230C or 446F), stretchable, stackable, washable, reusable and environmentally friendly. Stretches and moulds to ANY sized food container, plate, bowl, dish, pan or storage medium.
The Food Guard Lid eliminates the need to replace lost lids, waste time finding the right lid for the right container or worry about finding a microwave or oven safe lid when cooking.
One pack of The Food Guard comes with 5 x the 19.5cm (7.7 Inch) Food Guard lids, each in a different color, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Clear, so that you can organize your food and leftovers.

Can be used in the Oven, Microwave and Freezer With a safe heat range from -40 C to +230 C
Dishwasher Safe
Infinitely Reusable
Can stretch to 2 - 3 times its size
Will not lose strength, shape or durability

The Food Guard 萬用食物保鮮膜 

The Food Guard 萬用食物保鮮膜,可重複使用,可直接放入洗碗機清洗,比保鮮紙更環保。採用食品級矽膠,能耐熱高達230℃,無論放雪櫃、進微波爐還是焗爐都可以!

超強的吸附力創造良好密封效果,可延伸至 2-3 倍且不會失去強度,鎻住新鮮,享受美味超簡單。加上矽膠的延展特性,無論是方形、圓形、大大小小的容器都難不倒,輕輕鬆鬆一拉套住,一個蓋子兼容所有容器!


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