RO-BIKI Note The Skyscraper


  • $45.00


Product specification

  • Original Wax Paper Notebook 
    • Wax Paper is used for the cover of these notebook series. 
    • The more you use it, the more crumples and scratches it gets. It is recommended for those who enjoy the aging.
  • “New Chiffon Cream” paper
    • Draw on paper wholesaler experience, Yamamoto carefully selected a special paper for this product. It is a bulky book paper.
    • Excellent writing quality, not only for pencils and ballpoint pens, but also for fountain pens and attachment pens.
  • Binding
    • Thread stitch binding system will increase book binding strength. 
    • So even if it turns back 360 °, even if a long time passes, the page never falls out.
  • Size
    • 91x210 mm is an original standard size. Easy to put in your pocket. Vertical size to write a lot. 
    • For use on a desk. Use outdoors. It is the size considered to be able to deal with various scenes.
  • 原裝蠟紙筆記本
    • 以蠟紙作筆記本的封面。
    • 隨時間產生復古的感覺,使用的次數越多,它會產生更多的皺摺和划痕。
  • “New Chiffon Cream”紙張
    • 憑藉作紙張批發的經驗,Yamamoto為筆記本精心挑選了一種優質紙張。
    • 紙張不僅適用於鉛筆和圓珠筆,也很適用於鋼筆,具出色的書寫質量。
  • 螺紋針跡釘裝
    • 螺紋針跡釘裝系統增加筆記本的釘裝強度。
    • 即使把它回轉360°,頁面也不會掉出來,非常耐用。
  • 尺寸
    • 標準尺寸是91x210 mm,易於放入口袋,並攜帶外出使用。這大小的筆記本亦非常適用於桌面上。把筆記本180度放平,便能書寫更多。

Yamamoto is a professional paper wholesaler and original stationary brand since 1972 from Osaka, Japan.


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