Golden Summer Royal Copenhagen Faience (Diameter 11 Inches)

Taleteller Antique

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The decoration of faience frame "Golden Summer" was created by artist Christian Joachim (1870-1943) by century's start. It was part of a nature inspired wave of colorful, lush faience, which was hailed as a completely original and unique Danish genre in European art industry.

A vine of flowers and fruits in warm, golden color intensifies the grace that intrigued his contemporaries. Now enthusiastic another generation who like looking back to nature and the close thing, for faience straightforward and subtle charm. A heritage revived by Danish art industry's golden age, re-experienced now in bordopdækninger where dishes, bowls, vases and candlesticks from the art series of the same name can conclude.

Christian Joachim Petersen 1870-1943 (painting and pottery), trained as a painter at the Art Academy, Copenhagen. Studied in 1906 stoneware in Paris and ran a private workshop with silversmith Georg Jensen, 1897-1901. among other things, led to success at the World Exhibition in Paris, the 1900th

He was employed from 1901 on faience Aluminia, 1911-33 as artistic director. Here he created such frame Tranquebar in 1914 which today is still a very popular frame.

Christian Joachim Petersen was in the period 1922-1933 Relation Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. This created the Blue Pheasant and Golden Summer

丹麥 Golden Summer 皇家哥本哈根手繪名瓷 ﹙直徑約11英吋)


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