Hanji Notebook: Collage


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「 韓紙筆記簿:拼貼 」旨在透過紋理、顏色和圖案來融合東、西方的感性。

在設計過程中的用到的剪裁技術和彩色紙張,是採用了法國的 Papier collé(拼貼技藝),先建築佈景,然後用黑色墨水和虛線圖樣完成圖案,增強韓紙的質感。通過這種方式,封面設計充份表達出東亞和西方傳統的融合,以及兩者的現代視野。



"Hanji Notebook: Collage" have aimed to create a fusion of Eastern and Western sensibilities through texture, colour and pattern.

In the design process, cut and coloured papers – papiers colles in French - have been used to create compositions that have then been finished with brush painting with black ink and dotted pattern work, to enhance the hanji texture. In this way the cover design expresses a fusion of East Asian and Western tradition, and also the modern vision of both.

There are six cover designs, and it comes in ruled Hanji and plain Hanji. The ruled version emphasizes the natural beauty of Hanji through the use of broken and irregular line, in the manner of ancient Korean hanji manuscripts.

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