Hanji Notebook: Sumuk


  • $158.00

封面印有 Kim HyunJoo 水墨畫的「 韓紙筆記簿:Sumuk* 」,樸素、極簡、黑和白的封面設計同時具有復古及現代感。作為一本硬封面筆記簿,它感覺更像一本書而不單單是筆記本。


用你的美麗故事製作一本書,又或者畫在「 韓紙筆記簿:Sumuk 」上。

* Sumuk 是韓語泛指水墨畫


The 'Hanji Notebook: Sumuk' cover printed in ink and wash painting by Kim HyunJoo.  The simple, minimal, black and white cover design is at the same time ancient and contemporary in feel.  Made as a hard cover notebook, it has the feel of a book rather than a notebook.  A label sticker is included so you can put a title or name on the cover, and keep it on your bookshelf.

Make a book with your beautiful story or drawing on the 'Hanji Notebook: Sumuk'.

* Sumuk means an ink and wash (painting) in Korean

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