Healing Letters x The Tree Stationery - Copperplate Tasting Workshop

Healing Letters

  • $780.00

Have a taste of copperplate dip-pen calligraphy writings and learn basic strokes and lowercase. Get a free agate resin with your name too.

Dates & Time: 

1. Jan 11 (Tue) 7pm - 9:30pm; or
2. Jan 25 (Tue) 7pm - 9:30pm


No. of Participants:  3 - 6

Fee: HKD780 for 1 person / $1,450 for a group of 2

What You Get:
1️⃣ Copperplate dip-pen tasting
2️⃣ Basic knowledge of calligraphy
3️⃣ Learn basic strokes & lowercase
4️⃣ Starter kit, including penholder, nib, walnut ink, class notes
5️⃣ Name calligraphy on agate resin
6️⃣ Write positive words on colourful bookmarks

Suggested Age: 12 or above

>About the Instructor<
Bonnie Keh is a passionate Calligrapher who enjoys exploring a wide range of styles - Copperplate, Engrosser’s Script, Italic, Gothic, Spencerian and pointed pen flourishing, studying with Calligraphy masters around the world. Apart from continuous learning to enhance her skills, Bonnie is keen to share her love of Calligraphy through teaching. Among many calligraphy techniques, she is most devoted in the art of pen flourishing, as the letters grow freely at pen points, life flourishes liberally at hearts. 

☎️ Enquiries and Enrolment ☎️
Tel: 2598-4328 (大樹文房 The Tree Stationery) 
Email: info@thetreestationery.com

Terms and Conditions:
Workshop fee is non-refundable except under the following circumstances:

1. if the min. class capacity has not met; or
2. typhoon signal no. 8 (or above), or black rainstorm warning is in force.