Hong Kong Red Mini Bus (Red Van) Brick 香港紅小巴 (紅VAN)微積木


  • $85.00

Public Light Buses (PLBs) are minibuses with not more than 19 seats. Their number is fixed at a maximum of 4,350 vehicles. Some PLBs are used on scheduled services (green minibuses) and others on non-scheduled services (red minibuses).

Red minibuses are free to operate anywhere, except where special prohibitions apply, without control over routeing, headways and fares. There were 1,008 red minibuses in March 2020. In year 2019, RMBs carried about 282,600 passengers daily.


公共小型巴士的數目,規定最多為 4 350 輛,每輛的座位最多為 19 個。有些公共小型巴士行走固定路線(綠色專線小巴),有些則行走非固定路線(紅色小巴)。

除禁區外,紅色小巴可行駛香港各區,沒有固定的路線、班次和收費。截至 2020年 3 月,全港共有 1 008 輛紅色小巴。於 2019年,紅色小巴每日的載客量約為 28.3 萬人次。

Size 尺寸: 4 x 8 x 4.1 cm
Material 材質: ABS
Designed and packed in HK 香港設計及包裝

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