Invincia Nebula Fountain Pen


  • $880.00

Monteverde Pens USA Invincia™系列結合藝術與現代工藝,從兩者完美平衡,突顯從外到的內前衞設計。



套裝隨筆附有精美禮盒、Monteverde® 標準國際G3替換式墨芯 及 專用吸墨器 ( 配合樽裝墨水使用 )。

The all new Invincia™ Nebula™ Collection blends art and technology for a perfect balance between high-tech materials and classic styling.

Latin for “fog” a nebula is an interstellar cloud of various gases and ultraviolet radiation emitted from nearby stars that creates a wide spectrum of color and is truly a sight to behold. Designed after the astronomical light-shows that our galaxy displays, the Invincia Nebula™ features a distinct multi-colored plating finish, displaying a blend of metallic blues, purples, and reds. The sophistication of the trim, clip and nib in stark black contrasted with that of the barrel and cap, the Invincia Nebula™ is the most alluring collection yet.

Made from solid brass and assembled by hand, this mid-weight pen is ergonomically balanced and is comfortable to hold, perfect for daily writing. Each finish is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Fountain pen fills with standard international G3 ink cartridges or piston ink converter (included).  Stainless steel nib.

Nib size:  F

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