Invisi Desk Pen 桌上筆


  • $750.00

INVISI Pen has been awarded the Asia Design prize award 2019 Winner and Hong Kong Smart design award 2019 Silver Award.

The cap can be invisible or visible, depending on your choice of use. We call it INVISI.

Simply lift the pen straight up, then INVISI is ready for quick note to have your ideas writen down. Or with a gentle twist to your right or left, the pen will come out with its cap attached, INVISI is then ready to join your journey. For the traveling, business meeting or creating on your desk, INVISI is not just a pen, it’s your companion throughout the up-and-down years of your life.

A pen that is truly belongs to you whenever you work, at home and travel. You will not miss any chance to write down your ideas. It writes steady and smooth. The stand is also a paper weight.

Over 50 refills that work with INVISI. Rollerball and ballpoint refill are included. It's a true eye catcher and a great gift suggestion.

Rollerball Refill : SCHNEIDER TOPBALL 850, 0.5 Black roller refill
Ballpoint Refill : Premec, Oil Based, 0.7 Black Ballpoint refill


Material:  Pen - Brass or Brass with Black Coating. Stand - Brass

Product Size:4.4 x 4.4 x 17 cm

Giftbox Size:8 x 6.4 x 23 cm

Weight:680 g

Comes with: pen, stand, aluminum spacer, spring, ballpoint refill, rollerball refill, manual card



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