Juice Paint Marker (Metallic, 6-color/set)


  • $88.00

These paint markers are fun and versatile pens for any arts and crafts project. Their colorful opaque ink writes on a variety of surfaces, including light and dark papers as well as nonporous surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal. The ink is water- and pigment-based, so it has great waterproofness and bleed-resistance with no unpleasant odor. Once the ink is dry, you can even write over it using a different color without smearing! Their compact size and hexagonal body make the markers easy to grip for kids and adults, and the body shape also keeps them from rolling away when you set them down.

This set includes 6 metallic colors: Gold, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink, Metallic Violet, and Silver.

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