Kado² Emulsion Ballpoint Pen


  • $60.00

Featuring a chunky hexagonal barrel, the Japan-made Zebra Kado² is the world's first emulsion ballpoint pen. The name Kado² is pronounced Kado Kado, which is Japanese for "Corner Corner"—referring to the many corners of the pencil-like body shape.
- Hexagonal shape metal body carefully designed to prevent the pen from rolling over your desk

- The barrel is printed with 3-inch and 9-cm rulers for taking short measurements. 

- Equipped with Zebra's Surari emulsion ink, a low-viscosity ballpoint ink that offers amazingly smooth, clean, and vibrant writing.

Size:  139.6×10.6mm /19g
Material: Aluminum
Ink color:  Black
Nib size: 0.7mm
這6角形日本製 Zebra Kado2原子筆是全球首支配備乳液墨水的原子筆。 Kado2應讀成Kado Kado,日本語的意思是「角」,反映它如鉛筆般多角的筆身。
- 6角形金屬筆身,防止原子筆滾落書枱
- 筆身有有3寸和9厘米的尺規刻度,方便作短距離量度用途
- 配備 Zebra Surari 乳液墨水,書寫順暢
本体尺寸:139.6×10.6mm /19g
材質 : 鋁軸,漆面處裡

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