Skyline Serenity Blue (Special Edition)


  • $268.00

*Exclusive color for Taiwan.

The Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen is a firm favourite amongst fountain pen enthusiasts and for good reason. With a capped size of only 10.4cm it can easily be taken almost anywhere. Once posted it becomes a full sized 13.2cm pen with a comfortable fit in big or small hands. The octagonal design is both eye catching and practical. It features a screw on cap with Kaweco metal logo, removable clip option (sold separately) for those that prefer to clip their pens to their shirt pocket rather than keep in their pants pocket aswell as a beautifully engraved fountain pen nib and ink feeder.

Made from high quality ABS injection moulded plastics, this pen is light yet sturdy. It will undoubtedly last you a lifetime with the proper care that any fountain pen deserves.

Originally designed in 1911, the shape of the Kaweco Sport series has barely changed. A testament to this timeless classic. The Kaweco Skyline Sport differs from the Kaweco Classic Sport only in that the accents are silver and not gold.

Comes standard with one Kaweco Royal Blue Ink Cartridge. Will fit all standard sized International standard cartridges. Compact converters needed such as the Kaweco Mini Converter or the Kaweco Squeeze Converter.

Comes in a Kaweco Tin Case with a Kaweco Fancy Sticker and the Kaweco Warranty Card and Manual Instructions.

Nib size:  Fine

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