• $128.00

This unique KLOCK clock stick has a magnetic base which can be connected to any metal surface as an independent clock or on the base of the KUCKUCK Cuckoo Clock. It is very convenient whether you are hanging a wall or placing it anywhere. The most special design is a combination of simplicity and functional design. It is a good choice for home furnishings.

Battery :R-type. Size: 20 x 7.2 x 2.1 cm

這KLOCK 時鐘木棍子有一個磁性底座。 它既可以作為獨立時鐘連接到任何金屬表面,也可以組合在KUCKUCK布穀鳥鐘的底座上。無論掛牆或普通放置任何地方也非常方便,最特別的設計是集簡約及功能設計於一身,是一個佈置家居的好選擇。

每個KLOCK使用一個R型電池。尺寸:20厘米x 7.2厘米x 2.1厘米

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