Light Warm Gold Foil


  • $150.00

Foil can enhance every boring item to the next level of luxury. You can create your own design with foil on fabric, paper, wood, and any porous surface, adding color and life to notebooks, cards, and posters

3 trending ways to work with foil:

  • Hot stamping: with a hot stamping machine, you can stamp your logo or some wordings on your card, notebooks, or even a lovely note for your loved ones.
  • Heat laminating: you can use a laminator, with a foil on top and your artwork underneath, your artwork will be covered with metallic foil.
  • Glue the foil on your art. If you just want some specific areas with some foil on your artwork, you can put some glue on the areas and put the foil on it.

Product details:  7.5cm x 60m; Gold 2013

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