Little Half Desk Calendar 2022 - Little By Little | 小半座枱月曆 2022 - 慢慢地

小半 Little Half

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小半座枱月曆 2022 - 慢慢地 (預購) - 大約11月初到貨,屆時會按預購者填報的地址寄遞。

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包含12 幅原創水彩插畫,配以中英版本的創意字句

材質/ 媒介
250g 進口書咭,共14張紙,雙面彩色印刷

月曆:23cm X 17cm
月曆格仔:2.31cm X 2.22cm


Sometimes, we don't like ourselves being slower than others;
Sometimes, we hate ourselves for repeating the same mistakes; 
Sometimes we are overwhelmed with saddness and disliking ourselves of not able to cheer up again;
Sometimes, we feel so powerless and sad when we find our dreams are good yet beyond reach;

At this moment, let's stop for a while and embrace your disappointment by telling yourself: 
It's fine, let's move slowly and not to give up in going towards the right direction.
In 2022, let's move slowly towards the right direction, and applaud for every single achievement!

Include 12 original water-color illustrations, with bilingual words of encouragement
Each month's picture with corresponding bible verse
Include HK public holidays and lunar calendar

250g imported card paper, a total of 14 sheets with double-sided full-color printing

Calendar: 23cm X 17cm
Square on calendar: 2.31cm X 2.22cm

Little Half 小半

Little Half is a little fat and shy girl with a round face.

She used to be a girl with low self-esteem, but gradually became assertive through learning from different struggles and experiences in her growth.

She is small, innocent and far from perfect. Yet, people are touched by her courage to embrace her own imperfection and the way she faces challenges even with her fear.

Little Half is actually a real life story of her creator, Kathy Chan. Kathy released her inner fear through drawing “Little Half”.  She wishes to spread the courage of accepting and being our true selves to every child and grown-up by her illustrations, products and life story sharing.



小半是她的創作人Kathy Chan真實的生命故事。Kathy在繪畫「小半」的過程中慢慢釋放了內心的恐懼。她很想透過不同的載體,或是插畫、或是產品,或是生命故事分享,鼓勵孩子和成人接納自己本相和做回真正的自己。

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