Portrait Regular Drawing Class 人像素描恆常班

  • $1,920.00


- 逢星期六 14:15-16:15 (每堂2小時)  

費用:每位港幣 $1,920 / 4 堂* (學員須爲17歲或以上)

          包括: 刻有學員姓名的The Eye Graphite Sketching Pencil Set (價值 $208)及畫紙

課堂以素描為主, 教授人像的比例及不同的素描技巧,再配合不同畫畫媒介等,幫助學員創立屬於自己的個人畫風和風格。課堂也會讓學員欣賞其他畫家的畫作, 從中學習當中的技巧。


Serene Ip 畢業於服裝設計學院,並曾修讀時裝插畫。Serene時裝插畫給予她無限的創作空間而深深愛上了這門藝術。除此,她也喜歡混合水彩畫,鉛筆和馬克筆來表達她大膽的一面。

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Dates & Time:
- Every Saturday 14:15 - 16:15 (2-hour class)
Fee:  HK$1,920 per head / 4 sessions* (applicants must be 17-year-old or above). Including 1 set of personalized The Eye Graphite Sketching Pencil Set (worths $208). Drawing paper provided.

Workshop Content: 
The class is mainly on pencil sketching. Students will learn to draw portraits in correct proportion with different sketching techniques and application of different media, ultimately develop their own personal style.  Students will also be introduced to different drawing skill of various artists by appreciating their drawings.

*The 4-session tuition fee must be paid in advance & no refund will be made if the 4 sessions are not completed within six weeks.

>About the Instructor<
Serene Ip graduated in a fashion design institute with fashion illustration as one of the courses taken. Since then, Serene falls in love with fashion illustration as it allows her a vast creative freedom with no boundary. She also loves mixing watercolour, pencil, and marker to express the bold side of her.

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