Mark Twain Demo Crescent Limited Edition Fountain Pen (Rose Gold)


  • $2,500.00

The pen that started Conklin. The Conklin Crescent Series was renamed to salute the renowned author, Mark Twain, whom said “I prefer it to ten other fountain pens…”.
Featuring the innovative and unique Crescent filling system, this pen was a world first and the modern version is just as amazing today. The Crescent filler can be locked and unlocked to avoid accidental leakage, and the crescent doubles as a block to stop your pen rolling off the table.
In celebration of Conklin's innovative design and Mark Twain's passion for the Crescent filling fountain pen, we are pleased to launch the Mark Twain Crescent Filler® as a limited edition demonstrator in crystal clear acrylic to show the inner workings and mechanism of this unique filling system.

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