Newood Calligraphy Master Set


  • $480.00

由德國🇩🇪️書寫品牌 ONLINE Schreibgeräte 推出的 NEWOOD 書法禮盒套裝,由天然竹與木製的禮盒包裝,簡約精緻。對於喜歡個性化書法、寫作、裝飾藝術和設計的朋友而言,這真是一個奇妙的寶箱!

產品榮獲德國 Creative Impulse Award 2018: "Creative Kit of the Year" Winners 🥉銅獎。

1️⃣ 一支1.4mm筆尖的 ONLINE Air 書法鋼筆
2️⃣ 三瓶 15ml 的墨水(黑色、棕色及紅色)
3️⃣ 墨水轉換器
4️⃣ 一套十支英文書法雙尖筆( Brush軟筆 與 1.5mm Calli硬筆,含螢光色 )
5️⃣ 六張賀卡
7️⃣ 六張禮品標籤
8️⃣ 禮品包裝繩子 200 cm
9️⃣ 竹簡鋪陳之精緻木盒

The Master Set comes with a gorgeous, natural wooden box made from bamboo offering lots of space for lots of implements for all things to do with creative writing and design;

  • The calligraphy fountain pen ONLINE Air with 1.4 mm wide calligraphy nib
  • A converter
  • Three different ink colours, 15 ml (black, brown and red)
  • Ten pcs. Calli.Brush pens (including neon colours) for creative writing with calligraphy nib 1.5 mm and a flexible brush tip
  • The ONLINE Greeting Set (6 pcs. Greeting cards and 6 pcs. gift tags). 
  • Size: 230 x 170 x 56 mm 

A fantastic treasure chest for anyone who really enjoys personalised writing, painting and design!

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