Tool 0.9mm Pencil


  • $328.00

最佳黃銅工具筆的代表作,美國 Monteverde出品的多功能旋轉鉛芯筆,可謂無出其右。

其厚實而古樸的黃銅金屬筆身,粗獷中仍保有高級筆桿的精緻。使用0.9mm 鉛筆芯,旋轉式出芯,大大減低故障率,以保筆芯壽命。另一筆端是高靈敏性的觸控筆,適合用在任何品牌的平板電子產品或智能手機。

呈等邊六角形比例筆桿,不論手握哪個角度,都舒適好寫。而且有四種比例尺印於筆身,除了4英吋測量尺外,更有1:100, 1:200 及1:300 比例。

多功能工具集於一筆,具備「一字 + 十字」螺絲批功能。附帶金屬筆夾,方便工程或製圖人員外出或至工地時,隨身攜帶,減少帶一堆工具,以應付臨時急需,更提升個人工作效率。

Part of Monteverde's Tool Pen line of clever multi-functional writing instruments, this mechanical pencil is packed with handy features for working at your desk and around the house.


  • A twist-action pencil tip with a thick, break-resistant 0.9 mm lead, perfect for marking, sketching, and writing. 
  • A screwdriver with a double-sided flat-head and Phillips bit. 
  • Four scale rulers printed on the sides of the barrel: inches, centimeters (1/100 m), half-centimeters (1/200 m), and third-centimeters (1/300 m).
  • A capacitive stylus for use with smartphones, tablets, and other capacitive touchscreen devices.
  • A weighty metal body with a hexagonal shape that is comfortable to hold and keeps the pencil from rolling away.
  • An eraser on the end of the pencil component.
  • A sturdy metal clip for attaching the pencil to a pocket, strap, or tool belt.
  • The eraser, stylus, and screwdriver bit are all replaceable. 

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