Mechanical Pencil w/eraser 0.5mm APS-280E


  • $38.00

經典之作 - 日本 OHTO 木軸 0.5mm 鉛芯筆 APS-280E 


整支木軸 0.5mm 鉛芯筆重量僅爲6.8g,和真正的鉛筆相差不遠,整支筆修長輕盈,外觀有古典美。細節部件製作精緻,純銅組嵌筆尖,筆尾有橡皮擦,簡約設計。


OHTO, the very famous niche brand in Japan. Founded in 1929, they dedicated to produce comfortable and easy-to-use mechanical pencils. The classic hexagonal wood-barrel is the feature of OHTO, and it can be said the frontier of wooden mechanical pencil.
The 280E version weighs only 6.8g and looks as if a real pencil. Long and light,
exquisite and beautiful with pure copper nip and an eraser at the end of the pencil.

Color options: natural, yellow and olive green.

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