Multi 2+1 Multi-function Pen (MF-20K3B)


  • $240.00

This OHTO Multi-B 2+1 multifunction pen is beautiful, especially in its strong, tough appearance. The whole pen is made of brass-based metal and comes with a comfortable knurled grip section and hexagon barrel. Equipped with black and red ball-point pens and a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.

The tips are gravity activated - just rotate the pen with the function you want upright (black dot, red dot and 0.5) and press the cap. To retract the point, push the button on the clip. 

OHTO Multi-B 2+1 是一枝時尚而又富有機械感的多功能筆。整支筆是以扎實的黃銅材質製成。一樣是全金屬的握位,讓人感覺到貫徹到底、一點都不妥協的設計態度


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