Super Promecha 1505P Drafting Pencil (0.5mm)


  • $178.00

The Super Promecha is the top of the excellent Promecha range. A serious mechanical pencil suitable for a range of uses apart from its core target of professional drafting.

Built from virtually 100% metal - largely aluminium, with matt silver finish over some brass components. The only plastic one can find is the lead reservoir.

The grip area is 10.5mm diameter and finished in a fine diamond-cut knurled pattern. The upper barrel is hexagonal 8.3mm diameter, set unusually with four rubber o-rings. Total weight approx 19g.


- The lead sleeve is fully retractable by turning the grip. It extends up to 5mm for classic drafting uses, or can be set partially extended between 0 and 5mm for writing purposes.  This feature makes the Super Promecha reasonably pocket-safe.

- The unique feature of adjusting how much lead is dispensed with each click of the push-button - between 0.2mm and 2mm according to preference. 

The all-metal top button contains a lead grade indicator running in 7 steps from B to 4H. Removes to reveal the replaceable eraser and clearing pin.

- The clip removes by unscrewing the top of the barrel.


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