OneSTEP "Oh My Travel" Reusable Short Umbrella Bag「遨遊世界」環保短遮袋


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This OneSTEP "Oh My Travel" Reusable Short Umbrella Bag is a cross-over product of OneSTEP and local designer brand Handmadeship. This lovely artwork has vividly shown our long-awaiting vacation, travel wish list and travel gears. In addition to its beauty of art, the umbrella bag comes with water-separation, water-proof and water-resistant features.  Besides keeping you hassle free in rainy days, it also helps you to avoid using one-time-only plastic umbrella bags which take thousands of years to degrade.   

【Product Specifications】

  • Size: 30 cm x 11 cm (suitable for umbrellas with a total length of 27cm and a circumference of 20cm after folding.)
  • Material: Waterproof layer on the outside, water-absorbing fibre on the inside
    (Colour of the actual product may slightly vary from the image)

【Product Features】

  • Water absorbent: Water absorption is 10 times than that of cotton, fiber evaporates quickly to prevent bacteria growth
  • Waterproof design: Waterproof outer layer and waterproof zip prevent excessive water from seeping through
  • Easy to clean: Hand wash or machine wash with a small amount of detergent
  • Easy to use: Unzip and zip to carry the wet umbrella
  • Durable: reusable and replaces disposable plastic bags

【Washing Precautions】

  • Do not wash with light coloured clothing.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not use softener.
  • Dry naturally.


    這OneSTEP 「遨遊世界」環保短遮袋是OneSTEP聯乘本地手繪插畫品牌Handmadeship合作推出,將大家對旅遊的嚮往、周遊列國的清單、出門必備的法寶以別具特色的畫風呈現出來,這個遮袋具備隔水、吸水、防水的性能,即使天降大雨,也可以輕鬆把傘子收納,更可避免使用千年不化的一次性塑膠遮袋,讓你實踐環保、走塑的生活!

    尺寸:30 cm x 11 cm (適用於市面普遍的折叠後全長27cm及周長20cm的雨傘)

    物料:外層防水布料,內裏吸水纖維 (實物與相片圖像或有輕微色差)

    • 吸水力高:吸水性是棉的10倍,而且快速蒸發,不易滋生細菌
    • 防水設計:外層採用防水物料製造,加上防水拉鏈,防止多餘的水滲出
    • 清洗方便:用清水或加入少量清潔劑即可,機洗亦可
    • 使用方便:半開放式拉鏈設計,簡單易用
    • 精致耐用:可重複使用並代替用完即棄的膠袋


    • 請不要與其他淺色衣物一起清洗
    • 請不要使用氯漂白劑
    • 請不要使用柔順劑
    • 請脫水後自然晾乾

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