Fabric Doodlers (Set of 12) | ooly 布料塗鴉筆 (一套12色)


  • $98.00

create wearable art with permanent fabric markers

OOLY’s set of Fabric Doodlers Markers feature 12 permanent fabric markers, making it easy to add some flair to your sneakers, jeans, or a t-shirt. Even better, these fabric markers can be used on humdrum accessories like a backpack, so you can give them some love by decorating them with your very own signature look!

一套12色。可畫在布質上的永久性 markers。可畫在T恤、布鞋、牛仔褲、布袋等表面,你可以把你喜歡的設計隨時放在身上!

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