ORIGIN Fountain Pen

Ten Stationery

  • $588.00

香港品牌 TEN Stationery 設計作品,以沾水筆作為基礎的簡約造型,讓「鋼筆」回到 ORIGIN 原點。
就讓打開 ORIGIN 筆蓋的瞬間,發揮書寫工具的原本,令文字重新成為感情的載體。
Ten Stationery, a Hong Kong local brand design, uses dip pen as their design direction to trace the origin of fountain pen. By trying and testing different pen size and dimension, they tune out the most appropriate writing experience. Without posting of the cap, they explore the original function of the writing instrument and the writing feeling as their first priority, making wording to be an emotion carrier.
A combination of minimal beauty and original functionality.
Material:  Aluminium
- Brand:  Schmidt
- Size:  F
- Material: Stainless Steel
Convertor: Schmidt

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