Plain Three Notebook


  • $78.00

A notebook is like a soil.  The letters and pictures written or draw on it are, so to speak, the seeds of ideas.  The ideas growing up there will be different as the type of paper differs.  Keep on writing and erasing.  Let’s grow many ideas with our notebooks.

These Plain Three notebooks are set of three different styles each based on a fictional characters, Jacob, Olivia and Anthony.  Each notebooks have different cardboard cover and paper inside.

Jacob Sketch 
First notebook is a sketch note pad  for using on day to day basis.   This notebook is made with off white 80g paper.   Great for pastel,  pencil, charcoal, and  even water color as well.
Olivia White 
The second notebook belongs to Olivia.  She is a writer and enjoys using this note pad for daily journal.  This notebook is made with 81.4g wood-free paper.
Anthony Craft 
The third notebook is Anthony’s craft paper note pad.  Can be used for scrapbooks such as collection of stamps.  Drawing with pen and white charcoal accents will bring the illustrations to life.

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